When Acting Like A Tough Guy Goes Fatally Wrong “I Think He’s Dead Bro”

We’ve all seen them: little dudes who talk tough and mouth off to everyone else when they’re with their mates, but run and hide at the first sign of trouble; pint-size plonkers who are happy to pick a fight, and then rely on their crew to finish it; chirpy pinpricks who think they’ll get away with anything they say because the boys have got their back. We’re talking of course, about little blokes with small man syndrome.

The street fight you’re about to watch is a pretty striking example of what can happen if you’ve got one of those mates and you let him run his mouth and start sh**. The fight happened outside a strip club in Providence, Rhode Island. It was quick and moderately brutal.

When it begins, the skinny dude is, for some reason, having a crack at the big fella and trying to whip him with his shirt. Now, there’s a place to whip someone with your shirt or a tea-towel, but it’s when you’re winding up the missus in the kitchen, not when you’re about to get your arse kicked in public.

While he’s busy talking smack and announcing the weight difference between himself and the big fella, keep one eye on Nigel No-Shirt. Ah yes, the guy with no shirt, he truly is the biggest loser of any social gathering. If you have children, please raise them not to be THAT guy. Anyway, he kicks it off with some wild swings.

Skinny Steve the T-Shirt Bandit hangs back well out of trouble and the dude with the braids (let’s call him Brayden) comes in with a few big haymakers of his own. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before Brayden learns that he should have stayed out of it.

Their opponents – who are a whole lot bigger than the instigators – quickly get the upper hand. As Brayden is coming at the chunky fella, he cops one to the face and drops like a sack of potatoes, hitting his head on the concrete in the process. While the gathered crowd cheer on the proceedings, Skinny Steve the T-Shirt Bandit cops a flogging over by the truck, and the chunky bloke proceeds to stomp poor old Brayden before checking his pockets – presumably for mars bars.

The scene gradually dissipates and poor old Brayden is left to reconsider his friendship with Skinny Steve. Police reports say he neglected to press charges and recovered from his injuries after a few days in hospital. Whew. That was exciting. At the end of it all, I guess we can be thankful that Skinny Steve seemed to get some comeuppance for his smack-talk. Hopefully his mates actually learn not to hang out with him. We all know the chances of that though. Slim to none.

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