VIDEO: Mysterious 7ft Beast Found Dead In Forrest & It Might Be Werewolf

The supernatural is something that is not widely understood. It is a part of our lives that skeptics deny and mediums and witches thrive in. We don’t want to admit that there might be something out there. It makes us uncomfortable. And if we haven’t seen it, it must not exist, right? Well, when tales of a giant black beast lurking in a Russian forest started circulating, the skeptics were hugely vocal in shooting down the story.

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“It can’t be true,” they said, shaking their heads. They fully believed it was a story made up to scare teenagers and prevent them going off to fornicate in the woods. But then as boar hunters who ventured into the woods to score their game came back, blank-faced and startled, the villagers began to wonder if there could be truth to the tales. Certainly, their dogs took longer to calm down at night after days in the forest. The time had come to capture evidence of the so-called beast.

One man took his camera phone on one particular hunt. Sending his dog off on the sent, eventually, something caught the canine’s nasal attention. It was the beast. As trained, the dog lay at the ground warning ‘the thing’ with loud, aggressive barking. But they would only serve to provoke as the monster leapt out from its nest, lunging at the dog. The footage captures the huge, black hairy monster erupting and tearing after the dog, who is too scared to pursue the animal.

But after the initial scare, the beast backs off and the dog changes tact. Darting back towards the beast, he gets perilously close before his barking turns to yelping and whining. The hunter drops the camera and tries to yell at the monster to save his dog to no apparent avail. The hunter, fled the scene, leaving his dog to what is believed to be its dreaded doom. Last week in Alberta, Canada, a hunter spotted a dead animal in the same area where that family dog was being chased. The beast looks like some kind of werewolf, scientist are currently doing tests on the animal and it’s species have yet to be determined. Check it out:

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