VIDEO: Florida Teacher Pleads Guilty To Blowing 14-Year-Old Students

27 year old middle school teacher Stephanie Peterson pleaded guilty to lewd/lascivious battery sex act with child.

The former New Smyrna Beach Middle School science teacher was arrested in February after the 14-year-old told his parents about their relationship

She will face a minimum of five years and a maximum of 10 years in prison for her acts. The teen she was sleeping with told his parents about their relationship and she was immediately arrested.

The teen said he had sex with Peterson in her home while her now ex-husband (pictured together) was at work. They also had sex in her car and in a barn behind the teen's home 

Teen said they had sex in her home and car as well as the barn behind his house and that she would also gave him nude photos, marijuana, and a bowl ‘to smoke it’.

Perterson’s firefighter husband immediately divorced her after the arrest. Check out the national news report.

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