VIDEO: An Inside Look Into The Most Gangster Corner In MMA – The Diaz Brothers

The Diaz brothers, Nate and Nick are two pretty tough nuts. Nick enjoys a 19-11 record in MMA and has recorded some pretty impressive victories over the likes of Cowboy Cerrone, Jim Miller and Conor McGregor. Nick, Nate’s older sibling is the more successful of the two. His 26-9 record hit its height with a resounding win over B.J Penn. The 35-year-old also tried his hand at boxing, winning his only fight.

Whilst they have both been out of the sport of MMA for many years, the Diaz brothers are remembered as two pretty ferocious fighters that were formidable in the cage, but also pretty icy outside it. They regularly formed part of each others’ corners offering their own unique brand of callous support for their namesake.

Nick was however back in the spotlight last year when he was accused, arrested and charged with two counts of domestic battery which he was acquitted of. His last fight was way back in 2015, four years ago now. His final fight against Anderson Silva was originally won by the Brazilian before a No Contest was declared when Silva tested positive for banned substances drostanolone and androsterone. Diaz also tested positive for marijuana making the fight a complete farce.

Nate on the other have was dealt a loss at the hands of Irish sensation Conor McGregor. The much-anticipated rematch at UFC 202 was declared fight of the year in 2016. Sadly, Nate’s constant abuse of the UFC has seen him somewhat blackballed from the competition.

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Fans hope one day for a trilogy fight between him and Conor, but three years later, this seems unlikely. Check out the footage below that showcases the smart-ass and unique style of the ringside support and commentary that the Diaz brothers have displayed over the years. They are badass and take no prisoners.

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