They’re Calling Him The ‘Redneck Conor McGregor’ And He’s A F**king Savage Beast!

The grassroots of fighting are the most important. If we didn’t have lower-level competitions, there would be no graduation for younger fighters to climb the ladder to compete at the top level. In MMA we have events like Shamrock FC that straddle the Amateur / Professional boundary. In boxing, they do things a little differently in the south of the USA with the Rough N Rowdy Brawl.

No one sums up the flavor of ‘RNR’ better than the production’s own website: “Untrained fighters with no defense, throwing haymakers.” The funniest, most action-packed four hours you’ll ever have. I guarantee at some point you’ll have tears in your eyes laughing. “If your children are still awake, put them to bed!”

Rough N Rowdy gives fighters a chance to showcase their outrageous personalities in order to perform to a crowd who is there to party. Ring Girls, whilst a staple of many competitions, are taken to the next level, attempting to walk on the padding ring canvas in outrageously high stripper heels whilst carrying the round card. It is an OH&H nightmare.

Essentially it is all a big laugh, much like fights at bars in Thailand, with skill and defense being very low on the importance scale. When the promotion went to Morgantown, Wed Virginia, a man by the name of Shane “ShizzatDaRizzat” Reed entertained the crowd.

Image result for conor mcgregor walk

The man has swagger which is out of control. He channelled Conor McGregor pre fight as he strutted up and down the ring getting the crowd up and about. Reed basically just shipped off his shirt, wearing his street gear to take on his opponent who had pistols tattooed on his back. We’ll let you guess if his cockiness paid off! Check out his fight on the player below!

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