The Real Life Deadpool Throws Hands With A Violent Vigilante At A Florida Bus Stop

Marvel’s Deadpool is one of the more left-field superheroes in the franchise. The tongue-in-cheek and downright hilarious movies are a refreshing change of pace from the cookie-cutter fan-based action movies that have graced our screens since the comic resurgence of the 2010s. So when kids dress up for Halloween nowadays, it is not uncommon for Deadpool to be a familiar face in the crowd. But Deadpool is an adult-targeted superhero, which probably explains a bit in the below clip..

This big kid is, for some reason dressed up as Deadpool in the middle of the day. Complete with a backpack and full kit, he confronts another man inexplicably dressed in nothing but a pair of blue short shorts. The pair is flanked by a couple of kids on bikes as they watch the two men engage in a heated verbal argument about goodness knows what.

If you didn’t know better, you would think the whole thing was staged, such is the ridiculous nature of the setup. It isn’t long before the two men put their words away and crack out the fists. Deadpool drags the man down to the ground by the neck as he attempts to hold onto a bus stop sign. There is an almighty crash as the pair disappear from the frame.

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The kids on the bikes lose interest and cycle away as the cameraman approaches the scene. The men are trash talking again as the blue shorts guy lunges for Deadpool again, trying to rip his mask off.

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But Deadpool’s strength and size advantage allow him to get back on level terms. The two trade wild swings at each other and eventually blue shorts guy, who we now believe is drunk falls backwards onto his ass.

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Upon standing back up, the two reach a deadlock as a pedestrian walks past, completely disinterested in the tussle that has just gone on. The pair resumes talking and the clip ends. Check out the hilarious footage here.

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