Texts Reveal Just How Orally Thirsty This Teacher Was For Her 13-Year-Old Student


Married 27 year old Arizona teacher was accused of performing oral on her 13 year old student in her sixth grade classroom. The parents have filed suet against Liberty Elementary School District for $2.5million.

She was also caught sending him nude photos and extremely seductive texts messages. Newly released police documents detail the explicit messages Zamora sent to the student.

Zamora has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her

Documents show Zamora sent the boy messages which read: ‘OMG, I love you,’ and ‘Omg lol you’re so cute baby.’ and ‘I know you love what I do, you came so hard last time and I just swallowed it all. I’m so dirty lol’

She is set to go to trial in November

Another read: ‘I wish you could’ve stayed after with me. I would have sucked the skin off your d*ck. You just don’t understand how much I want you in my mouth right now.’

The plaintiffs' court filing accuses officials at Liberty Elementary School District of failing to report the alleged abuse to the police in a timely fashion 

The student then replied: ‘Me too. I wish I could just hang out with you whenever we wanted.’

According to police, Zamora had sex with the student on at least four occasions, from about February 1 to March 8 – including performing oral sex on him in a classroom and in her car.

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