Power Bombed By An MMA Fighter: When Being A Gangster Goes Terribly Wrong


In movies, we often see main stars go up against a bunch of opponents and still end up with the last laugh. But in real life, this scenario is often a losing situation. Fighting multiple attackers would likely do you more harm as the odds will not be in your favor.

It will take either a miracle of biblical proportion or just you sheer fighting skills to dispatch multiple opponents, proving that, sometimes, skills prevail over numbers. Just like this guy in this video, where he silenced a pair of opponents with his impressive firepower. In this video, the guy in black shirt and pants was having a commotion with the shirtless man in a parking lot. The reason behind the argument was unknown but it looked like a huge problem that they both decided to go on a fist fight to settle things up.

Both guys talked trash against each other before trading blows until the guy in black shirt decided to turn his back from the fight. Both of them were not able to land clean hits. Just when everyone thought the fight was over, an old man, who was initially acting as the referee, jumped into the fray. He challenged the guy into a fight after hearing some barbs from him.


It took only a few seconds before the old man got knocked down but he was able to rise back on his feet. After regaining his footing, the old guy charged quickly into the young man. Showing no signs of intimidation, the youngster used all his might to drop the old man to the ground and left him unconscious.

He put the old man to sleep while leaving his first opponent in a state of shock. One guy sending two foes in deafening silence! Watch the fight in the video below:

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