Max Holloway Vs. Tony Ferguson And Dustin Porier Vs. Al Iaquinta Announced

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UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has been talking about moving up to 155 pounds for some time now. After his post on Instagram last week, we knew we may be seeing one of the most epic title fights at lightweight, without Khabib or McGregor Before UFC 231, there was a lot of talk of Max Holloway moving up to lightweight. Just the premise alone of “Blessed” going up a weight class permanently opens a lot of doors, but is also pretty insane.

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Having beaten Jose Aldo twice and most recently Brian Ortega, the streaking Holloway has gone a total of 15 fights unbeaten. To suggest he vacates the belt at this point is wild, to say the least. But, it doesn’t come without merit. The cut to 145 pounds is brutal for “Blessed.” After his big stoppage win over “T City,” even Holloway acknowledged it was nearly time to jump up in weight. Here’s what Holloway said after UFC 231:

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Max Holloway:
“Everybody talks about the top three guys. Everybody wants to see me and Conor (McGregor) because we fought when I was a kid. I’ve got this niche, I guess, I just gave an undefeated fighter his first loss. I ain’t picky. Feed me. They all can get it. I keep hearing the name Conor, Khabib. At the end of the day, they’ve got something to figure out. Hopefully, they can figure it out. I wish the best of luck to them, and we can sit down with Dana and figure it out.”

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Now, believe it or not, it sounds as though Holloway may be looking at an interim title fight with Tony Ferguson. Joe rogan recently mentioned it on his podcast and today on the UFC’s own UFC Unfiltered podcast, Al Iaquinta let everyone know whats going on with a few announcements. Al said the UFC is trying to book him and Porier for April but Dustin is asking for more money. Al also said that it’s Cowboy Cerrone vs. Conor McGregor in the summer and Max will be coming up to fight Tony for an interim which leaves him and Dustin to face each other. Check it out:

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