Khabib Turns Down Conor McGregor Rematch Worth $15 Million Dollars

Undefeated lightweight UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is widely considered one of the greatest fighters of all times.

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Last weekend he destroyed Conor McGregor easily in 4 rounds before he and his teammates beat up his entire team.

Since the big win, everyone wants a piece of Khabib. From Nate Diaz to Floyd Mayweather, but one man wants him more than anyone and that’s Conor McGregor. Khabib’s uncle spoke with Russian TV station ‘Sport Express’ and revealed that they have already been offered a rematch with Conor for $15 Million and explains why he turned it down and why he wants Tony Ferguson next instead. Check it out:

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– Who is stronger: Ferguson or Macgregor?

Alex Nurmagomedov:
“If Ferguson fights McGregor, Conor will beat him.” Ferguson is convenient for him. MacGregor is a strong fighter, but for Habib he was not a rival. He has no difference – even Ferguson, though Conor. He knows how to adapt to any opponent.

– How do you assess the likelihood that the battle with Ferguson will take place?

Alex Nurmagomedov:
– We planned it, but it can pass only if Habib remains in the UFC. Many organizations with large prize funds offered him to sign a contract: Bellator, Akhmat, Fight Night. If Habib remains in the UFC, then in April or May there will be a battle with Ferguson.

– Is it possible to revenge with Conor?

Alex Nurmagomedov:
– No, He is not interested in Habib. He will not fight him for any money. Yes, I know that they are offering him a rematch. From the start, they offered him 15 million, if he agrees. But Habib said no. Let Conor stand in line, let him fight with others. But Habib wants to fight Ferguson, and then finish his career.

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