UFC 232 Pulled From Las Vegas As Jon Jones Tested Positive Once Again

Breaking news reported by ESPN. UFC 232 has been moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles at the last minute as Jon Jones has tested positive once again and Nevada refuses to sanction the fight. According to ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto. They are claiming that a residual amount of the substance was still in his system from 2017 but it’s scientifically impossible which is why the Las Vegas Commission has pulled the event.

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There’s an old saying goes that there are two certainties in life: death, and taxes. The thing is anyone who has spent any amount of time as an MMA fan knows that there is a third certainty. Jon Jones is never too far away from controversy, especially when drug testing is involved.

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Today the curse of a Jon Jones drug test has resurfaced. As originally reported by MMAJunkie a drug test taken earlier this month has revealed that Jones has trace amounts of the same substance (turinabol) that Jones had previously failed a test for following his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

As a result, the Nevada State Athletic Commission have ruled that they do not have enough time to sufficiently investigate the test and therefore cannot clear him to fight. Instead, the UFC has decided to move the entire event, on just six days notice, from Las Vegas to The Forum, California.

Brett Okamoto:
“Jon Jones tested for a trace amount of the same metabolite that was found in his system in 2017. USADA has ruled the test was caused by a residual amount of the substance from 2017 and will not sanction Jones, but Nevada didn’t feel it could license him.

“California will. Dana White on SportsCenter, says nobody has messed up more than Jon Jones, but he didn’t do anything wrong in this instance and this title fight between Jones and Alexander Gustafsson needs to happen without further delay.”

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