Jon Jones Finally Admits: “I Was Freaking Massive For OSP, Literally Bigger, More Ripped Than Ever Before”

Former UFC Champion Rashad Evans was on the radio and was asked some questions about his fight with Jon Jones and Jones steroid abuse.

Rashad claimed that the only fight Jones didn’t use steroids for was the fight with “OSP” (Ovince St. Preux), which was the worst fight of his career and first under USADA.

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Jones didn’t like that comment and posted a tweet where he basically incriminates himself for being able to cheat and get away with it during the OSP fight. Check it out:

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Jon Jones:
“It’s easy for him to talk shit when he knows he’ll never be in the top 10 again. His theory makes no sense, I was freaking massive for that OSP fight. Literally bigger and more ripped than I had ever been for any previous fight. Hey Rashad 🤫”

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