Fresh Outta Prison, This Triple OG Merks Some Dude Then Takes His Butt


We have brought you a lot of footage from some epic street battles in the past. For the most part, these brawls, scuffles and stoushes are about settling a beef and generally when the fight’s done, it’s done. Well, that’s not the case in the video below.

It takes a seriously dark turn when a recently released inmate tries to dish out some prison-style salad work after mercilessly beating his opponent. The footage opens with the cameraman informing the two fighters that the cops aren’t looking and they’re free to fight.

It is not known why the two men are having the fight in the first place, but they both seem pretty intent on settling the score. A chihuahua yaps in the background, loving the excitement that is about to unfold.

After a wild swing and a miss, the bigger bloke, who is the reported parolee, gets his bearings and starts to lay some serious hits on his smaller opponent. He wears a multicolored headband and keeps his cigarette in his mouth the whole time: how gangster can you get!

The smaller bloke, realizes pretty quickly that he is in serious trouble and covers up. This doesn’t seem to deter the big guy who unleashes uppercut after uppercut before realizing that each blow is landing on fist, rather than face. He grabs the small guy by the legs, upending him onto the concrete walkway.

That’s when things get really messed up. The big guy, seeing that the smaller bloke’s pants are starting to slip down, begins to try to take them off. The small guy tries to stop him, but he gets flipped over and the bigger bloke pins him. After fondling his cock, he proclaims that he is “Gonna f*ck you in the ass”. Thank goodness the cameraman alerts him that the cops are coming and they bail, or things could have gotten really nasty.

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