Every UFC 232 Fighter Must Take A 30% Pay Cut To Accommodate Jon Jones

Breaking news reported by ESPN yesterday as UFC 232 has been moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles at the last minute as Jon Jones has tested positive once again and Nevada refuses to sanction the fight. According to ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto. They are claiming that a residual amount of the substance was still in his system from 2017 but it’s scientifically impossible which is why the Las Vegas Commission has pulled the event.


This move has caused quite the drama among the fighters on the card as most fighters were flying in today will have to push their weight cuts back a day or 2 in order to move their friends and families from Vegas to California and set them up with lodging and transportation.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, UFC Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes brought to attention the fact that they were fighting in Nevada, a no income tax state so the money they had planned for the holidays will now be cut by 30% as the fighters in the UFC are not employees and must pay a Self Employment tax where California is the highest in the united states at 30%:


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