Energy Shield Master Tells Woman He Can Protect Her From Football Tackle

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We all remember the comedy classic Napoleon Dynamite and the martial arts instructor on there named Rex. He teaches is own martial art named Rexkwondo. It is all a joke as it is very clear that Rex is all show, but it is hilarious. In real life, though, things tend to get serious and awkward very quickly.

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One such thing is the ability to fend off attacks using psychic energy. It sounds like something a comic book character should be able to do. Despite it sounding ridiculous, there are people teaching this. The crazy part is that it actually has a name. It is called Yellow Bamboo.

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In the documentary Three Miles North of Molkom, there is a segment called Yellow Bamboo. It focuses on the No Mind Festival in Sweden. It is a festival that includes things such as tree-hugging, sweat lodging, and of course the teaching of Yellow Bamboo.

Talk about something not working how it is supposed to. This poor lady puts her faith in these crazy teachings and gets absolutely pummeled. There are so many questions that come to mind as to how she got to this point.

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Why on earth would she think this was going to work? Common sense tells you that this is not possible, but there she is thinking she can use physic energy to deflect the attack. What is even crazier is the guy that runs her over. Rather than get up and check on the lady he just bulldozed he starts to fake a seizure to cover up his screw up. That’s what you call pretty low, rather than own up that it didn’t work you go to the old fake seizure routine.

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Yellow Bamboo has actually been referred to as a cult by some. They are located in Bali and claim to have over 30,000 members worldwide. It is mind-blowing that anyone buys into this stuff, but I guess people want to believe in something.

They sell you Yellow Bamboo as being white magic and try to approach martial arts enthusiasts to join. This MMA fighter takes down multiple bamboo practitioners with ease:

In this video you see two lads debunk the Yellow Bamboo theory. They are on a beach in Australia and they do two things that prove the Yellow Bamboo theory is BS. It seems they let the Yellow Bamboo guy look good on the first attempt as he dodges the attack. The second time through the guy grabs him and locks him up in a rear naked choke. The bamboo man seems stunned.

The other lad then tackles him and basically mounts him showing him that Yellow Bamboo is BS. What is even crazier is that the other Yellow Bamboo people are amazed. They seem to genuinely believe that it is some type of miracle that these guys were able to touch these Yellow Bamboo masters. Make sure to share this with your friends so you can have a good laugh at the magic that is Yellow Bamboo.

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