Dude Catches Ferocious Hands When A Savage Weed Dealer Comes To Collect His Debt

If you can learn anything from watching videos like these, it’s that when money gets involved, violence is not far around the corner! With any trade, there needs to be fair exchange with like-for-like goods, services or money for a deal to work. The terms of the exchange are for the two parties to work out. But in the below example, the terms don’t seem to have been adhered to and a supposed weed dealer is out of pocket. It isn’t like the kids in the video below have any solid contractual agreement. But the dealer is in no mood to mess around when he feels he is out of pocket.

We know something is going to go down as the dealer, wearing a grey T-shirt is pumped up and walking aggressively through a crowd of kids waiting for a bus. The school-aged students seem to be part of a military school as the teachers wear air-force uniforms complete with berets and rank. The dealer catches up with the kid who has allegedly flunked on the deal and wastes no time in exerting his authority over the situation.

He snaps the kids straight in the face, following it up with a barrage of punches. It seems like the kid on the receiving end knows he is in the wrong as he makes no attempt to fight back. This could also be because the dealer looks to have about 50 pounds on the kid as well as considerable height and reach advantage.

The crowd of kids is pretty taken aback by the rampaging dealer with half of them egging him on, and half admonishing his behavior. We don’t know how many warnings he has dished out to the kid, but it seems like he is at his wit’s end and feels he has to take a stand. After tailing the kid and giving him a number of whacks, a teacher gets involved and the show is over.

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