Disturbing video of rapper XXXTentacion beating the brakes off an enemy

We often hear in their lyrics, a lot of trash talk from rappers touting their capability to beat the living pulp out of anyone who stands in their way. Some don’t even stop there, threatening openly to murder people to maintain their notoriety. It is rare that we see a rapper put their money where their mouth is. But this is not the case for XXXTentacion who seemed to do it on a regular basis during his violent life.

The rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy, had a chequered life during which he spent time in and out of detention and had trouble with the law for all manner of things including firearm possession, assault and robbery. ‘Rap’s most controversial man’ was even known to have assaulted fans at concerts as well as instigating public violence.

Onfroy was shot dead in his car in June 2018 with a man stealing and taking off with a Louis Vuitton bag in his possession. The incident occurred outside RIVA Motorsports in Onfroy’s hometown of Deerfield Beach in Florida. Two men have been charged over his murder. His death meant that in the week following, Onfroy’s highest-charting single, “Sad!”, went from 52nd to 1st on the Billboard Hot 100.


With his history of violence falling in the current era, it is not surprising at all that footage of XXXTentacion has spread around the internet. The clip below is pretty hectic and shows why the rapper was not to be messed with. Whilst he campaigned for mental health awareness and showed softer sides during his life, these certainly aren’t on display here as he ruthlessly and remorselessly beats an opponent half to death.


It is not really known what started the fight, but both men are squaring off and ready to go as the camera starts rolling. Whilst his opponent looks in relatively good shape and poses like he can handle himself, the rapper makes short work of him when the punches start flying.

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