Brawl: Mexican Gangsters Vs. United States Marines Goes Terribly Wrong

A wild night on the cans in Dallas, has met a gruesome end as revelers clashed in the streets outside a popular nightspot. A group and United States Marines had apparently been drinking in a bar alongside a number of gang-affiliated Mexicans. Once again we see the mix of alcohol, testosterone and emotion getting the better of everyone involved as tensions rose, punches were thrown and the battle spilt out onto the street.

As far as matchups go, Marines, deadly weapons in their own right are a decent match for street-hardened criminals. Undergoing some of the most rigorous and brutal training going around, Marines are well used to taking punches and dishing out harder ones in return.

On the flipside, you have to be tough to survive in any gangland world. It’s not as of the friendly neighborhood street toughs cut anyone much slack. This sickening brawl takes a turn for the worst as what started as a fist-fight sees bottles emerge, firstly as projectiles, then as deadly weapons. During the footage, it is easy to hear the crashing of broken glass over the yells and screams of the brawlers.

A large crowd that has gathered begins to chant, egging the fighters on. Whilst the fight continues, the cameraman follows one of the worst-affected casualties of the fight. He walks calmly away, but as the camera pans around we see that his face is cut near his ear. He has been severely gauged by a broken bottle- there is no way a fist could do that!

Despite his nasty gash, he remains nearly abnormally calm, perhaps in shock, perhaps too drunk and adrenalised to care. “Your sh*t is split open,” the cameraman informs him before suggesting the man high-tails it to hospital. The marine replies that he is okay and we can only think that he is off back to his barracks to stitch himself up with a rusty needle and no anesthetic. Check out the nasty clash below. Let us know if you’ve seen any of this crazy sh*t in real life!

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