BJJ Trained Nerd Snaps Bullies Leg In Half With A Beautiful Heel Hook

It’s pretty safe to say that we know by now not to judge books by their covers. You never know what’s lurking in the details when you flip open the front cover. The metaphor goes doubly for people. Just because someone looks runty and skinny, why anyone would ever write them off as non-threatening is beyond us. So when a bully decided to take on one of the nerdy kids at school, it was mostly him that got the shock of his life as the nerd pulled some swift moves to counter the bully’s strength.

The fight went down in a school bathroom which really isn’t a great idea. Hard surfaces like tiles floors, porcelain basins and metal bins really make the whole thing a dangerous situation. Often it isn’t the pushing and shoving, or even punching itself that does the damage in these types of fights, but what happened after. If a kid, or an adult hits their head hard enough in the wrong spot, that can spell brain damage or even death.

Looking pretty unassuming in a red checked shirt, the nerd puts up a hell of a fight against the bully who obviously has not had a great deal of fighting training. It is pretty obvious that if he had have spent time in any kind of controlled fighting environment, that he probably wouldn’t have a point to prove in the first place.

But the nerd obviously knows what he is doing. He takes the fight to the floor in a controlled manner, and after grappling for a short amount of time in the filth of bodily fluids that coat the floors of any young men’s bathroom gets the bully into a compromising position. Grabbing the bully’s foot the nerd applies a heel hook and locks it in.

The he assembled group of boys can see what is happening and can’t believe it. They had written off their nerdy friend who is earning respect the hard way. Eventually he comes to his senses and releases the hold, but the bully has been shown strength that might see him second guess picking on others again. Check out the action here.

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