An Absolutely Wasted Nick Diaz & Some Random Chick Respond To Colby Covington

UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington was recently offered a March main event fight with UFC superstar Nick Diaz for a 5 round interim title defense.

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Unfortunately Nick turned the fight down sighting contract problems with the UFC. Colby then went on BJ Penn radio to blast Nick about the fight. Check it out:

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Colby Covington:
“He’s trying to keep his name in the headlines, get some media, get a couple of extra Instagram followers. He ain’t here to fight man, he’s done, he’s washed up. He can’t even fight anymore. When’s the last time he got a win? Like last generation? Last decade? No one gives a fuck about him anymore.”

Colby Covington:
“He’s out partying in Vegas, doing lines of coke, beating up chicks because he ain’t beating up no guys. That’s all he can do is beat up chicks. So we’ve got the little Stockton, little pussy, ain’t doing shit no more.”

Nick Diaz took to social media to respond to Colby’s call out in the most drunk way possible. Check it out:

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