7 footer gets Melted by a 5 foot 8 MMA fighter in a wild street scrap

Elite-level fighters can use height to their advantage. One only has to look at the dominance of Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko who are 6ft6 and 6ft7 respectively, or Lennox Lewis standing 6ft5 before them in recent years to see how height can be utilized as a weapon in combat sports. However, being extremely tall isn’t always advantageous.

Nikolai Valuev is the tallest heavyweight champion in history at a gargantuan 7ft but it also considered to be the worst. When it comes to MMA, height appears to offer even fewer advantages. Stefan Struve is an incredible 6ft11 but has made a career of finding himself on the wrong side of others highlight reels. It’s important to note that despite the disparity in the success the aforementioned names have had in combat sports, they are all highly trained fighters.

However, being 7ft and having no idea how to fight is a recipe for disaster. In this video, we see a scrap between a guy who is ridiculously tall but appears to have no idea how to defend himself in a fight. His opponent, who is clearly over a foot shorter than him, attacks aggressively from the outset, having to leap into the air in an effort to catch his man on the chin.

The big guy’s complete lack of coordination is obvious from the outset. When he trips over the smaller guy seizes his opportunity to establish a dominant position on his back and begins raining down a flurry of heavy strikes. The big guy manages to return to his feet but his punches are completely ineffectual and demonstrate a complete lack of any kind of fighting skill.

Swinging with that much reach is bound to bring success eventually though. A flailing right-hand from the giant catches the smaller guy and sends him tumbling backwards. He then follows up with a series of strikes from the mount but his total lack of coordination again proves to be his undoing. The shorter guy reverses position and returns the favour with a number of punches.

Then, when the giant gives up his back, he is caught in a rear-naked-choke and choked unconscious. Moral of the story is height alone isn’t enough if the guy you’re fighting knows what he’s doing.

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