VIDEO: The World’s Scariest Man Has An Opponent For His MMA Debut!

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Former bodybuilder Martyn Ford has just signed his first professional MMA contract with Polish MMA promotion KSW. Ford is a fitness model, a former champion professional bodybuilder and also an actor who has appeared in films such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He’s got all that it takes to establish a profile in the fighting game. Of course, being a bodybuilder doesn’t mean he can fight.

So it’s going to be very interesting to see just how ready this massive beast of a man is for the violence that is waiting in one of Europe’s most watchable MMA promotions. Ford insists that he’s ready for whoever crosses his path first. With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, there’s no doubt that KSW is hoping that they have a bonafide star on their hands. Ford explained that he isn’t just jumping in the deep end without learning to swim. He has been training, as he explained to assembled media:

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Known as the “Iranian hulk”, Sajad Gharibi is a 24-year-old power lifter with a size that will definitely turn many a head. The name Hulk does suit him better than Sajad, as he has similar proportions to the Hulk, too bad he isn’t green. He is very active on social media, Instagram to be exact, and best believe he is getting all the love he can from people all over the world. Fast becoming an internet sensation, Sajad is seeping up all the attention and loving it.

The longtime wrestler has always dreamed of a WWE career but when he heard that KSW signed Martyn Ford to an MMA contract he changed his outlook on life. Seeing another bodybuilder move into the MMA field inspired him and he wishes to challenge Ford in his first fight at KSW. Promoters have contacted both parties who have both agreed on the bout but have yet to come to terms. Check it out:

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