VIDEO: MMA Trained Female Beats The Daylights Out Of A Male Bully

We have well and truly entered the age of strong women. No longer are women seen as meek and in need of protection by men, and even to suggest so can now be viewed as highly sexist. Whilst there are still natural differences between men and women from a strength point of view, women are now celebrating an era of independence, strength and prowess in their own right. Here is an example of this in action. She is only young, but she packs a huge punch as she approaches a young man.

You can tell he is caught in the mental dilemma of whether to strike out or merely cover up and defend himself. On the one hand, he needs to protect himself and the girl can obviously dish out some punishment. On the other hand, if he does and he hurts her, he is the one who is going to look like a pig and still be socially put through the miller. So the girl unleashes a pretty severe beating on the guy who at first tries to fend her off, even giving a few punches.

She grabs his long dreadlocked here at one point, not as a tactic, but more to hold him still as she delivers blows to his jaw and face. Pretty soon he has had enough and decides to change to wrestling. The boy manages to take things to the ground and it looks like he has the upper hand at one point, nearly getting her into a rear-naked choke. But she manages to break free, flipping the tables on him and getting a top mount as quick as anything.

From there she delivers a savage ground and pound whilst he covers up. She manages to land a couple of nice blows from this position before standing up again. But she is not letting him up, she immediately throws the boot in delivering three kicks to his head and torso before walking away. We really want to know what he did to warrant such a beating. He sits there, savagely beaten, head in his hands. Have a look at it, here:

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