VIDEO: Meet “The Iranian Hulk”, The Savage That’s Fighting Martyn Ford!

With Former bodybuilder Martyn Ford signing his first professional MMA contract with Polish MMA promotion KSW, the  “Iranian hulk”, Sajad Gharibi decided it was also his time to move to the MMA and face Ford in his debut. Lets introduce you to the man they call the “Iranian hulk”

Sajad Gharibi

This guy is massively huge, with the looks and the size to take him to places, but does he have what he takes to be in the WWE. He certainly thinks he does, and we are inclined to agree with him, and why wouldn’t we? Have you met him? Known as the “Iranian hulk”, Sajad Gharibi is a 24-year-old power lifter with a size that will definitely turn many a head.

The name Hulk does suit him better than Sajad, as he has similar proportions to the Hulk, too bad he isn’t green. He is very active on social media, Instagram to be exact, and best believe he is getting all the love he can from people all over the world. Fast becoming an internet sensation, Sajad is seeping up all the attention and loving it.

His size is unreal, and you wouldn’t want to get into an altercation with him. His size might scare some people away, but you can tell from his interactions with people that he is a real sweetheart. His passion is his body, and you can see it. He looks really amazing, and we can’t help but root for him.

Definitely not one to shy away from all the attention, he gives his fans what they want by posting endless pictures of his body. It doesn’t really matter where he is, as long as he has a camera, he likes to share his moments with his fans.

True to his roots, he writes his Instagram captions in Persian but sticks to English hashtags. In this photo, he is seen holding a can of Fanta which does much more than show a man enjoying a drink. His enormous and bizarre body proportions can be seen as his large fingers grab the can of Fanta, giving off a “giants and the little people” kind of vibe.

He obviously likes the contrast small objects give to his large frame, as he has been seen taking photos with a can of Red Bull and his friend who was quite small when compared to his humongous frame.

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Start boxing No pain No gain

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He is definitely not shy of his huge frame and he makes this known with every post, making sure he uses hashtags like #powerlifter #hulk #king #giant #powerful #muscles and many others. His size does make you double take, and you can’t help but wonder what would happen if he got in a ring with someone for a fight.

His dream is to fight alongside the best of the best, and we can just imagine it, royal rumble with the champs or a one on one match with one of the top dogs. He has expressed his interest in WWE countless times and he has issued a challenge to one of the fighters saying “coming soon triple D” which we think is awesome. We definitely wish him well, and hope he does actually get a shot at fighting with the best wrestlers in the WWE.

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