VIDEO: Gangster Rapper 50 Cent Flying To Dagestan For Meeting With Khabib

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The fallout from UFC 229 continues today with rapper, fight promoter and movie producer, 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) getting involved. The star was recently embroiled in a nasty feud with Floyd Mayweather, calling out the boxer’s illiteracy whilst copping worse in return. Whist that beef may be on the back burner for now, Jackson may be making a new enemy in UFC chief Dana White.

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White has stood by his promise to stand down fighter Zubaira Tukhugov, cancelling his previously scheduled fight this month with Conor McGregor’s teammate Artem Lobov. Nurmagomedov threatened to leave the UFC if Tukhugov is fired and now we will see which of the two men has the fortitude to lose more. Nurmagomedov said via Instagram.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov:
“If you think that I’ll keep silent then you are mistaken. You canceled Zubaira’s fight and you want to dismiss him just because he hit Conor. But don’t forget that it was Conor who had hit my another Brother FIRST, just check the video.” “If you decide to fire him, you should know that you’ll lose me too. We never give up on our brothers in Russia and I will go to the end for my Brother. If you still decide to fire him, don’t forget to send me my broken contract, otherwise I’ll break it myself.”

But 50 Cent may have made the decision to break his contract a little easier with a pretty darn sweet counter-offer. Jackson offered to take the lightweight champion and Tukhugov under his wing, paying upfront and in cash a huge sum of $2 million. The offer was made by Instagram and the world waits to see if it will be taken. True, everyone is still a little hot under the collar at the moment, but actions have to be held accountable for. 

Khabib then responded by inviting 50 Cent to Dagestan, since then 50 has confirmed the meeting will take place this week. Check it out:

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