VIDEO: Fans in outrage after Floyd Mayweather gives homeless man $1,000

Floyd Mayweather Junior has been criticized by the public after giving a homeless man $1,000 in a video he posted on Instagram. The mega-rich boxer called for celebrities to ‘give back to the community’ as he handed a handful of cash to a homeless man on the streets of Las Vegas.

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The 41-year-old uploaded the act on social media, challenging comedian Kevin Hart, rapper Blac Youngsta and NBA star Lance Stephenson to do the same. Some have applauded the boxer for the harmless and kind act of generosity to a stranger in need.

But others were left cringing by Mayweather’s actions, branding the video ‘skin-crawling’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘narcissistic’. Many media outlets have already pointed out Mayweather’s behavior towards the man, who was sitting in a wheelchair at the side of a Vegas street.

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He appeared unresponsive when approached by Mayweather, and only appeared to stir when he was yelled at by the man behind the camera or phone. Mayweather also appeared to refuse to hug the stranger, who reached out for the boxer after he was handed out the money, giving him a fist-bump instead.

The video then cuts short.To be fair, who knows what happened afterwards. ‘Money’ may have stayed behind for a chat, and explain to the homeless man why he suddenly had $1,000 in his hands, to use it to change his life for the better.

He is giving back to the community and, he explains, ‘giving back to American citizens’. But others have seen through the act and see it as an extreme example of self-promotion from a man who flaunts his wealth – which is believed to range from $700million to nearly $1 billion – at seemingly every opportunity. Check it out:

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