“Use Your UFC Mike” – MMA Fighter Puts Hands On Gang Member In The Hood


We tend to wonder a lot what brings large numbers of adults to convene together to watch a disorganized street fight. Surely there is better entertainment to be found than watching two testosterone-filled, out of condition, mediocre fighters. But once again we see dozens of people on a Saturday afternoon with bugger all else to do heading down to the ghetto’s basketball court to watch such a spectacle.


We open on the large mob chanting and screaming as two blokes are aggressively firing words at each other. One of the men has his shirt off and sports long braided hair. He has reportedly been training in MMA for some time and knows how to handle himself. Although the ensuing fight shows that he has a fair way to go before he is awarded a UFC contract. The other guy is more casually dressed in baggy jeans and a black t-shirt. Perfect Street fighting attire. He is not much of a fighter.

After the word p*ssy is thrown out there. The bloke with the hair braid takes things up a notch, firing a heavy right at the black t-shirt guy and setting the fight in motion. Both men take boxing stances and start to circle. The fighters start to throw punches at one another without any connection whatsoever.


It is at this point that we notice that woman and her young son are on the edge of the fight and closing in to get a better look. For one, why would you put your infant son in such a precarious position, and two, there is no way that kid is going to grow up to be a functioning member of society.


The topless guy throws an epic attempted back kick which draws huge admiration from the easily amused crowd and then finally executes a takedown. But he allows the black t-shirt guy back to his knees before coming in with some seriously loose punches. The fight is eventually broken up as the topless bloke pushes the black t-shirt guy’s head into the concrete.

Check out the footage on the player below.

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