Teenager Stomps Out His Own Stepfather For Breaking His Moms Jaw

Nothing hits quite so close to the bone then the thought of a family member being assaulted. Especially if that family member is your mother. In such a situation, almost all self-respecting men would feel an obligation to seek revenge. In this video, we see exactly what happens when someone finds out that their mother has been assaulted.

The story is that the boy in the blue shirt found out his stepfather had been physically abusing his mother. In order to air his grievances in person, the kid shows up outside his stepdad’s work to get some sweet redemption. And redemption is exactly what he got. Wasting no time proving that an eye for an eye is sometimes justified, the kid dodges a punch before immediately dropping his stepdad with a thunderous right straight. Eager to ensure that his stepdad understands not to mess with his family again the kid continues his assault.


The stepdad’s attempts to get up only see him further punished as he is met with another clean right hand. Still not content with the beatdown he has delivered the boy continues. The stepdad again attempts to return to his feet but is this time met with a succession of soccer kicks that wouldn’t look out of place at the upcoming World Cup.


Again it appears that stepdad isn’t content with the beating he has already received. The son seems more than happy to oblige in providing more punishment. When the stepdad finally does regain his footing, he is clearly shaken from the repeated strikes to the head. Now shirtless, and sporting a large welt over his left eye, the old man continues attempting to fight back, but only manages to fall on his face without even landing a punch. Hopefully, the scumbag will now think twice in the future before laying his hands on a woman.

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