Soldier asks Chuck Liddell for a jumping back kick this is what happened

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell may have retired for now, but he’s certainly lost none of his power. The popular kickboxer who terrified so many of his opponents inside the UFC’s hallowed Octagon was visiting Fort Campbell in Kentucky recently as part of a promotional tour for the UFC’s Fight for the Troops on FOX Sports when one hardy soldier put his hand up and asked for a very unusual souvenir from “The Iceman” himself.

Standing in front of a lineup of his squad mates, the soldier stood square with Liddell, ready to take a shot that was sure to knock the wind out of him. While Kevlar armored vests can stop a range of bullets, they can’t stop a trained mixed martial artist from knocking the wind out of someone.

Liddell has been known to play around with fans, even going as far as to completely “dead arm” a fan who wanted to know what it felt like to get wailed on by the former light heavyweight champ. Can you imagine just how bloody hard this man punches and kicks? This is the same guy who twice sent former legends Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture into complete unconsciousness.
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“The Iceman” was so powerful in his prime that of his twenty-nine mixed martial arts fights he won thirteen by knockout, as well as winning sixteen of his twenty-two kickboxing matches by knockout. Put simply, standing in front of Chuck Liddell when he’s angry is a recipe for destruction. So if you’re meeting Chuck Liddell and you have even a modicum of an idea about how dangerous he was back in the day, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU ASK HIM TO HIT YOU?

If you ask us, you probably need your brain checked, you might have a few issues. Or you’re looking for a sweet little ego boost if you manage to stay standing after he clocks you with a kick or a heavy overhand right. Whatever the case may be… we’re sure glad it’s the soldier getting hit with this spinning back kick and not us! Check out the full video of Chuck Liddell kicking a soldier on the player below and let us know what you think! .

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