Shocking Pics Of ‘Steroid Free’ Jon Jones Surface & His Muscles Are GONE

You know that feeling? Just after the silly season, when you realise that you’ve been neglecting the gym in favor of multiple nights out. Most involving friends, colleagues and family there always comes a time when you get up in the morning, tumble out of bed and are confronted with a complete mess in the bathroom mirror. Well, whilst not to that extreme, a photo of Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has come to light this week when the former MMA great was shopping at Target.

The once-great Light heavyweight champion of the UFC has had a rough trot – one that he is not entirely innocent of creating for himself. He was stripped of his UFC title three times – twice after testing positive for banned substances and once for violating the fighter’s code of conduct. Despite this, Jones has maintained his innocence saying that he didn’t knowingly take the substances.

However many fans who have viewed the pictures below speculated wildly that his condition had slipped somewhat on account of his lack of substance intake. When he won the Light Heavyweight title, Jones said, prolifically, post-fight: “Believe in yourself, believe in your heart, but when you get there, don’t slow down”

Well, it seems that he has slowed down a tad as the man once-credited with the best rig in the business is looking a little deflated. Posing with a fan at a Target, Jones wears a baggy tank top and doesn’t look to possess the prowess we once knew. Granted, he is not standing straight in the photo, and he obviously isn’t in totally hardcore training at the moment.

He actually still looks a good deal better than most of the slobs judging him. No doubt Alexander Gustaffson will have a field day after seeing this picture though. We would like to see him ramp up the training again for their fight in 2 months. The star has only ever lost once in the cage, coming at the hands of a DQ after he threw illegal elbows at Matt Hamill.

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