Pastor Thaddeus Matthews Holds A Twerk-A-Thon Contest During Church Service

Memphis preacher Thaddeus Matthews became famous around America because he’s a new age pastor who likes to curse during his church services.


Thaddeus Matthews:
“I find no reason to try to justify that. I’m a fisher of men. I go to people on their level. And you have to get past the cussing to get the message. The cussing has drawn the attention of millions around the country. Apparently, it’s drawn yours because you’re calling me,”

He recently uploaded this video to Instagram of a Twerk contest he held at his church. Check it out:

Thaddeus Matthews:
“I bet your church to stick up to have fun, Soulful Sunday in the gym of Naked Truth Liberation And Empowerment Ministries, every Sunday from 3-6 pm”

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