No Chill: Drunk Girls Vs. Group Of Gay Dudes In A West Hollywood Alley

We are used to seeing videos of straight males squaring off against each other in order to establish physical dominance. Whether it’s a kid standing up to a bully or a two YouTubers settling a beef, the majority of fights reported seem to involve young, testosterone-filled, decidedly straight males going at it. But once in a while, we are treated to a bit of variation from this norm and the below video is an absolute doozy.

The scene is set in a West Hollywood back alley outside a nightclub. The cameraman heard a din erupt in the ally and began shooting from his balcony. What he captured is one of the most unlikely matchups: a group of gay guys and a group of women engaged in one of the most harmless and hilarious melees we have seen.

Sure alcohol and maybe drugs were a factor here. And of course, these don’t mix terribly well with violence and activities requiring motor skills. But wow, for 8am on a Sunday morning, this has to be one of the more bizarre fights to see in an alley. There is so much happening in the footage.

The night looks to have been a rager because there is a passed out chick on the loading dock step that remains motionless for the duration of the clip. Fighters on both sides clearly have no idea how to handle themselves and either lose balance or fall at multiple times throughout the clip.

Scratching, slapping, hair pulling and name calling are the primary methods used in the altercation. The weapon of choice seems to be shoes. We see one of the men pick up the women’s scattered shoes and try to make off with them which sparks additional spot fires. At one point an effeminate cry rings out, “The cops are coming, b*tches”. Security descends on the scene, but the fight doesn’t exactly dissipate, rather relocated around the corner and the footage closes. Check out the hilarity on the player below.

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