Nick Diaz Arrested On Body Cam “I Would Love To Tazer A UFC Fighter!”

UFC superstar Nick Diaz was recently arrested and charged with Domestic battery but since the beginning, Nick plead his innocence.

Now that the bodycam footage has been released, it shows exactly how the entire thing went down and just how thuggish and shameful the police department is.

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“I work too hard to do anything wrong,” Nick Diaz told officers. “I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

That’s when the cops huddled together and one of them said “Shut your cameras off” so they can discuss some stuff they didn’t want people to hear but one of the cops left his camera on.

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Officer Martinez:
“Listen to me real quick, I need you to control your suspects. If they’re talking (expletive), if you need to fricken’ take them to jail. If you need to hobble them, if you need to whoop their (expletive) ass, you whoop their ass. You hear me? I need you to hold and take them. Make those decisions for me. I cannot be making them for you, OK? Good talk.”

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