Nerdy White Kid Beats The Brakes Off The Hardest Gangster On The Block


We do love it when an underdog gets the job done when they come up against a far more physically superior opponent. There is always a little voice in our heads that wants to see them win, despite the odds being low. But it is surprising just how often it does come off. Whether it is on account of cockiness or unpreparedness displayed by the other fighter, it is always good to see this tardiness punished.


The clip below shows an instance where the local nerd got the job done against a neighborhood ‘gangster’. the result was unexpected! The two kids square off in a grassed neighborhood area. There are no parents around to tell the groups to break it up, so they are free to go at it. The black kid has his shirt off which is fast replacing the t-shirt with the sleeves cut off as the cocky douche bag attire of choice.

The nerd is rocking the sweatpants with a choice purple t-shirt. He is not there to mess around. He wants it over and done with so he can go straight home, back to his Dragonball Z. Whilst the black kid has a way better stance and seems to move offensively very well. He apparently lacks a defensive mindset which is his Achilles heel. The purple-shirted kid is able to easily pick the gaps and land some quality strikes on the other guy.

After a few knockdowns during which some decent kicks are thrown, the fight is broken up with the kid in the purple shirt being awarded the TKO. As the black kid comes into the foreground, we see that he has copped some damage. His nose is a bit of a mess and he is bleeding. After the fight, the white kid enjoys a well-deserved water and the two reflect on the outcome of the fight.

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