High School Teacher Gets KO’D By A Student, Wakes Up & Heel Hook’s The Kid

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The rise of MMA into the mainstream has caused a few issues in young people that don’t understand the difference between sport and reality. To them, MMA is seen as a weapon, a way of getting the upper hand on people, physically, rather than a self-defence mechanism or a fitness pursuit. The sad thing is that this rise has also come at a time where the youth’s respect for adult authority is plummeting. The perfect storm came together when at a troubled youth school, a student felt he could circumvent a teacher’s authority

Back in the day, teachers were revered. The use of corporal punishment was able to keep the majority in line as they are instinctively fearful of the pain. But since its outlaw, teachers have struggled to keep kids in line, with the students knowing that the teachers are unable to do anything drastic. So when a teacher tried to break up an argument between two kids, getting in between them, one of the kids decided to reach around and pop his nemesis in the face.

The other kid, understandably reacts and attempts to push past the teacher to get vengeance. The teacher is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets clipped by the first puncher, knocking him down in a tangle with one of the fighters. The assembled group of kids are in shocked uproar as they see their teacher felled.

But the teacher reacts quickly, using his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills to lock the student’s knee in place, holding him as the two perpetrators make their guilty escape. The teacher belts the ground in frustration at losing control of the situation and yells at the students to call the cops. An assault has taken place and it has been caught on camera. One of the kids notes that the teacher was knocked out, making it a pretty impressive recovery if true! Check out the craziness here:

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