Floyd Mayweather Just Clapped Back And Destroyed The Entire Black Community

Recently, the Gucci brand came out with a ‘Black Face’ line of sweaters and it has caused a worldwide boycott of the clothing company.

Legendary Boxer Floyd Mayweather who has quietly donated over $30 Million of his own money to African-American communities didn’t participate in the boycott and posted a video of himself at a Gucci store buying thousands of dollars worth of items.

This caused the Black Community to go into an uproar, rapper T.I. used this opportunity re-fuel his beef with Floyd and released a diss track (above).

Image result for floyd mayweather gucci shopping

Rapper 50 Cent also took the opportunity to boost his profile on social media with several posts about his former best friend Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather took his time and just responded with a lengthy post containing several facts about the situation and pretty much made everyone coming after him look like a fool. Check it out:

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