Alexander Gustafsson Must Carpool 8+ Hours During His Weight Cut To L.A.


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has dominated the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons, he’s failed another PED test before his fight this weekend with Alexander Gustafsson. Jones who had just come off a year and a half of no steroid testing had to re-enroll in the USADA program last month and it didn’t take long before something fishy happened.


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The most corrupt athletic commission in combat sports, the Nevada State commission didn’t believe they could fool the public on this one so they declined giving Jones a license so the UFC moved the event to California where Jones took an emergency steroid test that surprisingly came back clean.

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Now the UFC is in a rush to move all the fighters, their families, coaches and training partners from Las Vegas to California. Jon Jones was flown to California last week before the holidays on Monday and set up with a hotel and training so he can properly cut the weight since he’s been out of competition for a long time and to get things resolved with the commission.

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Unfortunately, since it’s holiday season, Las Vegas has never been so crowded and all flights and charters are full until Thursday where the UFC has booked charter jets to fly fighters and their people to Los Angeles all day long until everyone is there. But Thursday is also the most important day in a fighters weight cut as most of the weight is cut on Thursday before the early Friday morning weigh ins so everyone is expecting a lot of weight fails.

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But for Gustafsson to fight for the title, he has to make the weight, so instead of waiting until Thursday to fly down which will pretty much insure that he doesn’t make the weight, he will be making the 8+ hour drive down to Los Angeles on Wednesday instead. Why 8 hours you say? isn’t the drive only 3 1/2 hours? According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, people planning on making the road trip between now and 2 days after New Years, expect heavy traffic and 8+ hour drive times to Los Angeles. Check it out:

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